Delayed Judgement

So I just caught up on Doctor Who, and you know what? Now that I’ve got used to the new Doctor, I think I actually do like him. I think somewhere between Kill the Moon and Forest of the Night I started to get where they were going with him, and I feel a lot more sympathetic towards him now. So you know, don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes or something. Or a Doctor until you’ve watched a whole series with him. One day I will manage it.

3 Doctors - Siobhan Mewes

I was gonna put an Aragorn “but it is not this day!” thing in here, but then I had this Doctor Who thing I made so yeah.

Oooooh and changing the subject slightly, what did everyone think of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies? Or is that a dangerous question? I actually really enjoyed the whole trilogy. OK, so it had its issues. Did they give up all pretense of even trying to follow the book? Mostly. Could they have cut the whole thing to about half of the length? Probably. Could it have been better if Peter Jackson had consulted me every step of the way? Definitely.But come on, Galadriel got to be awesome, the women of Laketown got to be awesome, Thranduil was fabulous, Bilbo was Bilbo, Galadriel got to be awesome. And overall, I liked it. And I fully intend to buy the extended DVDs. So there.

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