Success! (And Failure)

So an update on the Ravenclaw scarf:

I’ve found a pattern that might work: Faux Knit Crocheted House Scarf by Jennifer Ofenstein. It may need a little tweaking, but yay for not having to completely improvise a pattern!

Annnd drum roll please… I found some wool that I’m happy with! Knit Picks Palette in Hazelnut and Navy.

Buuuut they don’t ship to Australia.

So I tried to get it shipped to my brother, who conveniently happens to be in the US at the moment. But the order just will. Not. Work. I don’t know why, but someone obviously doesn’t want me to get this wool.

Grrr. I’ve contacted them and I just hope they can sort this out before my brother leaves the US.

My life would have been so much easier if I’d just asked the hat to put me in Gryffindor. Or, you know, just made do with the movie colours.



I FINALLY managed to order it!

Turns out other people in Australia had been having the same problem. Knit Picks got back to me pretty quickly and were very helpful, so thanks Knit Picks.

Now I wait. Patiently. Very patiently. I just hope that it arrives before Gareth leaves the US.


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