Several months ago I decided to make a Ravenclaw scarf. I had it all planned out. I couldn’t find any crochet patterns that I liked so I decided to improvise using Tunisian knit stitch. I decided to make the Prisoner of Azkaban style. And there was no question of doing it in movie colours. No, it must be in the original bronze. So off I popped down to the shops, to buy some blue and bronze yarn and a tricot hook.

Well. A tricot hook, anyway. Turns out bronze yarn, much like Ravenclaw’s diadem, is really hard to find. Unlike Ravenclaw’s diadem, there is plenty of it if you only want fun fur. I don’t want fun fur.

So on with the search!


Crochet December

Haven’t got much crochet done this month ๐Ÿ™ I’ve only managed one finished project, and one WIP. Meanwhile my queue is getting longer… and longer… and longer.

Sooo, remember that scarf I was making that I ran out of yarn for? Well I went to Lincraft, only to find that the Panda had most inconsiderately discontinued the yarn. So it was on to Ravelry to find something I could make with two skeins of 12 ply.

In the end I settled on a cowl, and took it with me to keep me going on the eight hour drive to Cohuna:

SiobhanAlice's Cohuna Cowl

Chunky Criss Cross Cowl by Jen Atchison

I had a great time in Cohuna, by the way. We were camped by Gunbower Creek, and went for a beautiful kayak, but you’ll have to imagine it because I’m a terrible blogger and didn’t take any photos.


I started on my third square for my Geekghan (I’m so behind, nine squares have been published so far!)

SiobhanAlice's Dr Horrible

Doctor Horrible by GingerGirl Geekery


And not made this month, but now that Christmas is over, I can show off this bookmark I made for a secret santa!

SiobhanAlice's Fan Bookmark

Fan Bookmark by Crochetroo

The recipient loved it, so I guess all that time spent separating strands of yarn to get a thin strand was worth it!


Crochet November

I haven’t managed to get to the yarn shop this month, so I’ve had to work with what little yarn I’ve already got. In some ways that’s a good thing, as I’ve had to get creative and find projects that can work with what I’ve got, but it also means that I don’t have the right colours for the Geekghan squares that have been released this month and I’m now three squares behind ๐Ÿ™ Oh well, looks like I’ll be doing a lot of crochet this holidays to catch up. Isn’t that a tragedy.

In the mean time, I’ve been using some cotton yarn recycled from an old jumper. I already used some for my October Nights Headband, now I’ve added another hair accessory:


All Too Perfect Bun Cover by Tamara Kelly


I’ve already posted photos of my Small Totoro, but I’m going to post more anyway because I love him. Even though he’s the wonkiest of the three and his eyes are too far apart.

SiobhanAlice's Small Totoro

Small Blue Totoro by Lucy Ravenscar


And I FINALLY ย finished my second Tiny Turtle! I made my first Tiny Turtle of Happiness way back in October last year, and loved it so much I immediately started another one in the opposite colours, but got bored and didn’t pick it up again till this month.

Siobhan Alice's Tiny Turtles

Tiny Striped Turtle by KristieMN

SiobhanAlice's Tiny Turtle Twin

I’m not as happy with this one as the original,I did a pretty dodgy job of stuffing and sewing him together, and messed up his face a bit too, but I still think he’s pretty cute ๐Ÿ™‚

SiobhanAlice's Tiny Turtle Twin

He also falls over if you don’t balance him exactly right. Poor little guy.

I also started a scarf with some bulky yarn I’ve had lying around for a while. I need more yarn to finish it, but I’m thinking I might start again anyway. It’s coming out a bit stiff, and I think I’ve made it a bit short, so I might try with a bigger hook.

SiobhanAlice's Cozy Scarf

ย Unisex Mega Chunky Ribbed Scarf by Thomasina Cummings Designs

And that’s it! Well, there’s also a Christmas present I made, but that’s a secret! At least until after the victim giftee has received it. Just on the off chance that they see this before they get it and ruin the wonderful surprise.

Crochet October

I thought I’d share last month’s crochet projects here, because why do we make things but to show them off on the internet?

Victoriana Beret by Drops Design

(Click the images to go to the project page on Ravelry)

Siobhan's Victoriana Beret
Siobhan's Victoriana Beret
I am ridiculously proud of this as it was my first time making anything lacy (that wasn’t immediately frogged), my first time working from a chart, only my second hat and the first one that I’m actually willing to wear. (The other one was generously donated to my mother. It actually looks okay on her, too).

Grey and Tiny White Totoros, by Lucy Ravenscar

Siobhan's Totoros

Oops, I forgot his nose.

I finally saw My Neighbour Totoro a little while ago, and I mayyy have teared up slightly. Slightly. Obviously, there’s only one logical action to take after falling in love with a movie: Make amigurumi. And make lots of them.
I love both my Totoros equally, but the tiny one is secretly my favourite. And not just because he’s made all in one piece and requires no hand sewing. Although that helps.
Tiny Totoro
I’ve also just started on the Small Blue Totoro, and I’m also seeing possible soot sprites and a Catbus somewhere in the future, but for now I think I’ll take a break before my house becomes overrun with adorable anime characters. I’ve already got the song stuck in my head just writing this post. Also did you know Totoro appeared in Toy Story 3? Well now you do.

October Nights Headband by Julie King

October Nights Headband

So nice, I made it… um, thrice! Because after I made a nice warm one, and one for Mother, the weather most inconveniently warmed up, so I made a light cotton one so I can wear headbands in any weather.

Ups and Downs Fingerless Gloves by Tamara Kelly

New Shiny New November Gloves! Okay, so I’m not that good at naming my projects. Mum’s off to England soon, and I thought I’d make her some gloves to go with her hat and keep her warm in the lovely November weather. Also to replace the gloves I originally made her, then frogged because I needed the yarn to finish my hat. Which I then gave to her.

Ups and Downs Fingerless Gloves

(Blocked on the right, unblocked on the left).

Anyway, I wasn’t too happy with my Shiny New November Gloves, so I stomped off to find a different glove pattern. I was much happier with my new Shiny New November gloves, and named them New Shiny New November Gloves. Because I’m creative.

And finally, I Love Yarn Day by GingerGirl Geekery

The second square in my LudiCAL Geekghan, to celebrate I Love Yarn Day 2014.

Yarn Day Square

Ah the joys of tapestry crochet. While working with two yarns, I carefully kept my yarn separate and didn’t let it tangle. As soon as I added a third colour, however, I lost all control of my yarn and ended up all…




And yes, I did write this whole post just so I could make that joke.

Judging the New Doctor

“I will not judge the new Doctor until I’m used to him. I will not judge the new Doctor until I’m used to him. I will not judge the new Doctor until I’m used to him.”

Usually I find it hard to stick to that. For example I HATED Matt Smith in his first episode (I love him now), but to be fair he was coming after David Tennant. And that chin!

But this time? I’m finding it much easier.
The first couple of episodes with Peter Capaldi, I really wasn’t sure. His Doctor kind of reminds me of Sherlock, loveable and infuriating at the same time, you’re never sure whether you want to hug him or hit him. After three goofy, loveable Doctors, it was a bit of a shock, but also kind of refreshing. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the new Doctor. I think. Sometimes. You know, I’m still really not sure. He’s kind of hard to figure out. Especially for Americans, who apparently can’t understand a word he’s saying.

One thing I’m really not happy about, though, is his “professional detachment.” The way he seems to let people die and not really care too much? Yeah, not liking that so much. I know the Doctor changes when he regenerates, and I know this one’s supposed to be less “user friendly,” but it’s always seemed to me that the one big thing, the thing that never changes, is that the Doctor cares. He cares about people, and he always tries to save everyone, no matter how hopeless it seems. He doesn’t give up on anyone. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to fit with my idea of who the Doctor is.


Of course, all this is just an excuse to show off my Dalek that I made for the Nerdy Hookers LudiCAL on Ravelry:


photo 3
And my cool new Doctor Who shirt. (It’s a men’s shirt and it’s massive, but hey, it has Doctor Who).
That said, I’d really like to see more geeky shirts in men’s AND women’s sizes. Some women like to watch sci-fi AND wear clothes that fit.


Hey, speaking of Doctor Who and awesome geeky finds, how cool is this pocket watch from Fremantle Markets?

photo 2 Pocketwatch

Okay, so it’s Harry Potter, not Doctor Who, but it’s to do with time, it’s totally relevant! And I wanted to show it off.