Success! (And Failure)

So an update on the Ravenclaw scarf:

I’ve found a pattern that might work: Faux Knit Crocheted House Scarf by Jennifer Ofenstein. It may need a little tweaking, but yay for not having to completely improvise a pattern!

Annnd drum roll please… I found some wool that I’m happy with! Knit Picks Palette in Hazelnut and Navy.

Buuuut they don’t ship to Australia.

So I tried to get it shipped to my brother, who conveniently happens to be in the US at the moment. But the order just will. Not. Work. I don’t know why, but someone obviously doesn’t want me to get this wool.

Grrr. I’ve contacted them and I just hope they can sort this out before my brother leaves the US.

My life would have been so much easier if I’d just asked the hat to put me in Gryffindor. Or, you know, just made do with the movie colours.



I FINALLY managed to order it!

Turns out other people in Australia had been having the same problem. Knit Picks got back to me pretty quickly and were very helpful, so thanks Knit Picks.

Now I wait. Patiently. Very patiently. I just hope that it arrives before Gareth leaves the US.



Several months ago I decided to make a Ravenclaw scarf. I had it all planned out. I couldn’t find any crochet patterns that I liked so I decided to improvise using Tunisian knit stitch. I decided to make the Prisoner of Azkaban style. And there was no question of doing it in movie colours. No, it must be in the original bronze. So off I popped down to the shops, to buy some blue and bronze yarn and a tricot hook.

Well. A tricot hook, anyway. Turns out bronze yarn, much like Ravenclaw’s diadem, is really hard to find. Unlike Ravenclaw’s diadem, there is plenty of it if you only want fun fur. I don’t want fun fur.

So on with the search!


Judging the New Doctor

“I will not judge the new Doctor until I’m used to him. I will not judge the new Doctor until I’m used to him. I will not judge the new Doctor until I’m used to him.”

Usually I find it hard to stick to that. For example I HATED Matt Smith in his first episode (I love him now), but to be fair he was coming after David Tennant. And that chin!

But this time? I’m finding it much easier.
The first couple of episodes with Peter Capaldi, I really wasn’t sure. His Doctor kind of reminds me of Sherlock, loveable and infuriating at the same time, you’re never sure whether you want to hug him or hit him. After three goofy, loveable Doctors, it was a bit of a shock, but also kind of refreshing. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the new Doctor. I think. Sometimes. You know, I’m still really not sure. He’s kind of hard to figure out. Especially for Americans, who apparently can’t understand a word he’s saying.

One thing I’m really not happy about, though, is his “professional detachment.” The way he seems to let people die and not really care too much? Yeah, not liking that so much. I know the Doctor changes when he regenerates, and I know this one’s supposed to be less “user friendly,” but it’s always seemed to me that the one big thing, the thing that never changes, is that the Doctor cares. He cares about people, and he always tries to save everyone, no matter how hopeless it seems. He doesn’t give up on anyone. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem to fit with my idea of who the Doctor is.


Of course, all this is just an excuse to show off my Dalek that I made for the Nerdy Hookers LudiCAL on Ravelry:


photo 3
And my cool new Doctor Who shirt. (It’s a men’s shirt and it’s massive, but hey, it has Doctor Who).
That said, I’d really like to see more geeky shirts in men’s AND women’s sizes. Some women like to watch sci-fi AND wear clothes that fit.


Hey, speaking of Doctor Who and awesome geeky finds, how cool is this pocket watch from Fremantle Markets?

photo 2 Pocketwatch

Okay, so it’s Harry Potter, not Doctor Who, but it’s to do with time, it’s totally relevant! And I wanted to show it off.