A Mysterious Package

I got home on Friday to find a Mysterious Package waiting for me…

I opened it to find a lovely package of wool and needles, courtesy of Knit Picks.
Wool, needles

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tweed

Look at all the pretties!

Knit Picks Caspian and Nickel Plated Needles

Actually I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but I started learning to knit last month. So that Ravenclaw scarf that was going to be Tunisian crochet? It’s now being knitted.

Knit Picks Stroll Woodland

The wool is so nice, not colours I would have chosen normally, but really lovely, and I’m so excited to find projects for them. And did I mention they’re super soft and squishy? Cause they’re super soft and squishy 🙂

Oh, and another thing…


I got ratties! They’re two little girls and they’re so sweet. Except when they try to eat my fingers. But apart from that, they’re cute.

(I just realised it’s actually the same one, Geraldine, in both these photos, the other one was asleep).

And hard to photograph.

Edit: And here’s Milford. (I think. They look pretty much exactly the same except for their eyes)