Stewed Peaches with Greek Yoghurt and Dark Chocolate

Happy belated New Year! Here’s a recipe I came up with to replace my usual grilled peaches while my oven was broken 🙂

Stewed Peaches


4 peaches, halved and stoned
1 cup water
1/4 cup white wine
2 teaspoons vanilla extract or one vanilla bean, sliced in half lengthways
Greek yoghurt
Dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa

1. Mix water, wine and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to the boil.
2. Add peaches, reduce heat and simmer, covered for 3-5 minutes
3. Remove lid and simmer for a further 1-2 minutes
4. Divide the peaches among four bowls, pour a little of the syrup over and serve with a dollop of Greek yoghurt and grated chocolate.

Not Really Greek Salad

Summer is almost here and already it’s getting way too hot. Actually, as I write this it’s like 16 degrees and I’m wrapped up in a blanket. But the last couple of weeks have been crazy hot, and all that sunshine had me craving summery foods like salads and barbeques. So in preparation for when/if it gets hot again (’cause in Bowral, who knows?), I present my (sort of) Greek salad. Which isn’t really a Greek salad.

(Sort of) Greek Salad

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