England: A Snowy, Muddy Holiday

Happy New Year! Slightly belated I know, but have some pictures from England where I spent most of  December/January:

My Granddad lives just below the South Downs and conveniently near a bunch of fields, so many muddy walks are always had.

Mud Skating


Oldland Mill


HMS Warrior

We actually went to the Portsmouth Historic Dockyards twice, first to visit the Royal Navy Museum, mostly for the exhibition on Gallipoli, and then a second time for a tour of HMS Victory.

Add to that a trip to the Churchill Museum and War Rooms, and I came home feeling terribly intelligent and educated.

HMS Victory

Snow day? Snow Day!


Being Australian and hot-weather-hating, it was super exciting to see some snow that actually settled and lasted for most of the day!


Of course, we couldn’t do England without the obligatory trip to London, where we spent most of the day in the Churchill Museum and War Rooms, but managed some of the usual sightseeing and blurry night photos as well:

IMG_0132 IMG_0124

And that’s (most of) it! Apart from the next post… I had planned to only do one post, but there were so many photos, and the most exciting part of the trip (at least for my geeky heart) really deserves a post of its own, but for now, here’s a sneak peak:


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